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Missions 101

The Scriptures and the Power of God

Nov. 13, 2012By: Michael Littell

The Story of Amsula*, the Man of God from Sudan (Part 2)

*Pseudonym due to the sensivity of his situation.

“From the time when I accept Jesus,” Amsula continued, “I was in the church all the time and I listen to people. One morning the people say, ‘if you can’t see anything in your life, that mean that you have not accept Jesus in your life.’”

My ears perked up. Americans do not usually talk like that.

“And so I say to myself, ‘how can I know this, and how can I get this and believe in Jesus and God and everything?’ But people they say that there is something else here, and you want to get this something. But how can I change inside? Then I become very jealous, I lie down, and I left everything else and I say, ‘I believe in Jesus,’ and I make him my life. I left everything.”

Later some people from church came to Amsula speaking and singing songs in tongues and different languages. “I become surprised,” he said. “Because I want to know, what is this new thing?”

One of them opened up the Scriptures to him and he saw that “these things are in the Bible.”

Now curious and hopeful, Amsula said to himself, “I want these things and I want to pray and I want to know from Jesus Christ if this is true, and I want to accept it. So they said ‘Everyone who want this can come before us and we can pray for him.’ And then I humble myself and I go. Then they pray for me, and I feel there is something has changed.”

He smiled, “I feel it, I pick up my wife and I go out, and I become very happy.”

“Then I want to speak in the Bible all the time. I want to sing and I want to go out and speak the Bible. From that time I have not changed. From that time to right now I continue with Jesus.”


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