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Missions 101

One Pastor and His Future

Aug. 22, 2012By: Michael Littell

Last night a dear friend became the first sponsor in TLI’s Pastor Sponsorship Program. Clotaver Simunvayabo of Burundi was the first to be officially sponsored.

I imagine that angels are rejoicing in heaven over this (Lk 15:7). Jesus says that they rejoice over a single conversion, and while this is not a conversion it is a visible promise to the Church:

  • It is a promise to Clotaver that we will continue to train him theologically to see the contours of his God and his Bible with more clarity.
  • It is a promise to his congregation (of 300) and family (with eight children!) that he will be able to nurture their souls better and better from the Word of God. It is a tangible ‘YES’ to God’s own word: never will I leave you, nor forsake you (Heb 13:5).
  • Finally, it is a promise to Africa. God alone knows how he will use this man and his congregation to bring others to Christ, but the foundations will be there. Sponsoring Clotaver through three years of training says ‘YES’ to a lifetime of preaching Jesus Christ and building up the Church to the glory of God.

May God use this man, the prayers of his sponsor, and the training that he will receive for the love of Jesus Christ and the glory of God the Father! May the eternal footprint of Clotaver’s ministry be filled with ransomed saints in the kingdom of Heaven! And may the Lord continue to bless the pastors of the world with much-needed theological training until we all see him face to face at his return! 


To sponsor a pastor, click here.


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