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Missions 101

The Testimony of Short-Term Team Members

May. 15, 2012By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio

Here are some wonderful testimonies from our teachers that are found in journal entries from our short-term trips.

The Beginning of Something Serious
“When we started on Friday, I sensed hesitancy on the part of the students about the training. Some were feeling like this is just another training that will not go anywhere. As they sat in classes and learned, they have gradually grown to appreciate the program and believe that this is the beginning of something serious.”

-Philemon Yong, March 14, 2012, Cameroon

They Love the Word of God
“I have eight pastors and church leaders in my class, all of which are very hungry for the Word of God. Many have left family, friends and fields so that they can come for two weeks of Bible training. They are making tremendous sacrifices to be here because they love the Word of God.”

-Travis Southern, Aug. 14, 2011, Uganda

Hungry to Learn
“I have witnessed pastors who are hungry to learn how to interpret the Bible faithfully. Churches who hunger for training full of warmth and hospitality. A city in desperate need of well trained pastors who are faithfully ministering the Word of God and bringing good news to the spiritually confused and lost. And people just like me who need the warmth of God's reconciling power found by faith in Jesus Christ.”

-John Bothof, March 16, 2012, Cameroon

I Should Sit at Their Feet
“I’ve been humbled by the stories they’ve told and the kind of hardships they’ve faced in their lives. There are men here who’ve lived through persecution and traumatic events that read like a novel. But it’s real life to them. They have counted the cost for their faith in Christ and pressed on. In many ways, teaching these types of men seems backwards. I find myself wanting to sit at their feet, hear their stories, and learn from how they’ve seen the Lord provide throughout their hardships.”

-Nate Winters, Jan. 12, 2012, Greece

It Is All Worth It / I Can Go To Them / I Have to Read the Bible to Be a Good Pastor
“I have been working with about 20 slum pastors on becoming faithful teachers of God's Word … One pastor I was speaking with expressed his gratitude saying, ‘We are so thankful. Over these days you have given us tools that we can use as we preach through all of the Bible.’ Another pastor said, ‘It has become clear to me that I must study God's Word. It does not matter what other pastors are doing or what the world tells me is important. I have to read the Bible to be a good pastor!’ When I hear comments like these and see pastors huddled over their Bibles trying to go deeper in the truth, I think to myself: It is all worth it. It is worth raising support. It is worth 18 hours on a plane. It is worth an hour-long bus ride and 20 minutes walking through trash. I know these people cannot attend a seminary. They cannot desert their families and churches. But I can go to them. By God's grace I can go, and today I join my team in praising and thanking God for his mercy in our lives and in this trip.”

-Rusty Osborne, July 23, 2011, Kenya

Every Nation Under Heaven
“As an Indian on a mission team with a Romanian brother, a bunch of Southerners and a Minnesotan leader, together teaching a plethora of Africans from multiple tribes, I think of the glory of God magnified in how Christ has united peoples from all tribes, from every nation under heaven in relationships in him that extend into eternity!”

-Aubrey Sequeira, July 20, 2011, Kenya

Faithful to Shepherd the Flock
“Pray for all the Kenyans who came to our training, that they will be faithful to shepherd the flock entrusted to them, whom God has purchased with his own blood, and faithful to preach and teach the Word of God accurately, putting into practice what they have learned.”

-Aubrey Sequeira, July 20, 2011, Kenya

These Students will Impact Thousands
“The students at this school will literally be impacting thousands of people in this country, and, by God’s grace, what is being taught here will shape their ministries in the years to come for the glory of God and the good of their people.”

-Jeremy Kimble, June 17, 2011, Uganda


Darren Carlson is the Founder and President of Training Leaders International.  As President, Darren oversees the general direction of the ministry and serves as an advocate for pastors with little access to formal training and thoughtful cross-cultural theological engagement. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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