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Missions 101

Introduction - Evangelism in Acts

Dec. 14, 2011By: Ben StaffordAuthor Bio

Over the next few months on Wednesdays I will be blogging on Evangelism in the Acts of the Apostles.  It should be noted that most of the material I will write is not original with me. My primary source is a teacher of mine, Mike Greene, who I was blessed to sit under while I attended Christ Covenant Church in Midland, Michigan.  The overall structure and points are his while I have turned an outline into prose. I am indebted to Mike for modeling what it is to be a true student of the Word, then teaching it to others as something deep and rich.  This material was originally presented by Mike in an hour long lecture setting.  I'll do my best making it work on a blog.  Your feedback is, of course, welcome.  

This is the overall pattern I will follow:
1.    The Priority of Evangelism:  The Lord’s Final Words
2.    Evangelism and its Central Message
3.    Evangelism and the Nature of Conversion
4.    Evangelism and Apostolic Methods (Preaching, Witness, Missions)
5.    Evangelism and the Place of Apologetics
6.    Evangelism and the Birth of the Christian Church
7.    Evangelism and Persecution
8.    Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God
9.    Evangelism and the Holy Spirit (The Promise, the Coming, the Power, etc.)
10.  Evangelism and Revival
11.  Precautions Regarding Evangelism
 12.  Evangelism and the Church Today (Personal Witness, Work Place, Home, Missions, etc.)

Ben Stafford is the Director of Short-Term Ministries, overseeing the logistics and vision of all the short-term trips as well as representing TLI to students, teachers, and other organizations. Before joining TLI, Ben was the Director of Programs at the Foundation for Economic Education where he oversaw the educational events geared towards high school and college students. His work primarily involved strategic planning, managing, and measuring the department’s resources and results, bringing the programs department to a new level. Previously, he worked as a research intern for two summers at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. He still teaches students of all ages about business and economics on the side.

Ben graduated in 2008 from Hillsdale College with a degree with Economics. He enjoys real food, barefoot runs, playing classical guitar, climbing mountains, and international travel. More than all these, he echoes the sentiment of Jonathan Edwards in that God’s purpose for his life is that he have a passion for God’s glory and that he has a passion for his joy in that glory, and that these two are one passion.

He currently resides in Atlanta, GA where he is actively involved with the saints at Perimeter Church.

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