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Missions 101

The Gospel in a Honor/Shame Context

Sep. 11, 2014By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio
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Missionary Mommy Wars

Sep. 8, 2014By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio

Jonathan Trotter writes:

So here’s to the missionary mom, the one in the trenches with the toddlers.

The one who raises kids abroad and then sends them “home.”

Here’s to the missionary mom, far away from pediatricians and emergency services, who lives with constant awareness that help might not be coming.

Here’s to the missionary mom who lives in a glass bowl, aware of the stares.

The one who liked shopping when shopping was simple.

The one who would really like a Starbucks coffee. Like, right now.

Here’s to the missionary mom whose children experience more goodbyes than most.

The one whose kitchen looks more like Bear Grylls than Martha Stewart.

Here’s to the mom on mission, the one who rocks the cradle and changes the world.


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World Air Traffic Over a 24 Hour Period

Sep. 5, 2014By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio
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The Impact of TLI in Four Minutes

Sep. 2, 2014By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio


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Ten Rules for Eating Food Overseas

Aug. 29, 2014By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio

If you have traveled, you have all been in this scenario. The host wants to provide a nice meal, it is placed in front of you and you are not sure whether you will spend the next few days sick if you eat it. Generally speaking, here are some rules for you to live by:

Rule 1: Use your common sense and keep in mind general expiration-date time frames with food you are familiar with.

Rule 2: Don’t eat any raw meat.

Rule 3: Don’t eat any raw vegetables, unless you know they have been properly disinfected.

Rule 4: Be especially cautious with dairy products and eggs. If in doubt, don’t eat (or drink) them.

Rule 5: Don’t eat any fruit that comes to you already peeled.

Rule 6: Just as in the U.S., but more important overseas, wash your hands before you eat. It is good to always have some hand-sanitizer on hand in order to wash before eating.

Rule 7: Even if something has been cooked, if it has cooled to room-temperature and you don’t know when it was cooked, it is better not to eat it.

Rule 8: Never drink tap water.

Rule 9: Never use ice in your drink.

Rule 10: Don’t drink any beverage from a container that is not sealed.


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