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The vision of Training Leaders International -- bringing together Christian pastors who have enjoyed the privileges of training with Christian pastors in cultures where there are few opportunities for training -- is proving fruitful and encouraging. It brings biblical and theological content to the people best positioned to pass it on to others. Most forms of short-term mission are fraught with troubling downsides, but this pattern of transferring serious theological nourishment is enriching both parties to the glory of God.

D.A. Carson
Research Professor of New Testament
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

I love the goal of international, Christ-exalting, theological famine relief. And I love the way God has raised up Training Leaders International to meet that need with real live, Spirit-filled, human teachers, on the ground, face-to-face with seasoned and emerging pastors and Christian leaders who have little or no opportunity for in-depth theological training. So I thank God for Darren Carlson, and the amazing ministry God is gathering around his vision. May the word of the Lord run and be glorified! 

John Piper
DesiringGod Ministries

We live in a time that is marked by a great urgency to reach the unreached, but often with a speed that leaves thousands of people groups without a missionary presence to provide essential discipleship, pastoral preparation, and theological education. Training Leaders International serves the Kingdom of Christ by answering this great need, reminding us all that to whom much is given, much is expected. Through practical pastoral training marked by a love for Christ and a commitment to Truth, TLI is impacting the church around the world to the glory of God.

David Sills
A.P. and Faye Stone Professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The overwhelming majority of the world's pastors have no access to formal theological education and pastoral training. TLI is responding to this reality by bringing pastors, professors and gifted seminary students to where this pastoral training is most needed across the continents. I am grateful for this vision and wholeheartily endorse TLI's work to impact the nations of the world in this most strategic way.

Hutz Hertzberg
Christian Union

TLI's vision and approach are having worldwide impact in training Christians for leadership. And the flow of blessing is proving to be two-way: those who travel to train others also find themselves transformed. The result is strengthened leadership on both the "sending" and "receiving" ends. The whole church is built up in knowledge, in service, in worship, and in unity. I thank God for this significant ministry and movement.

Robert Yarbrough
Professor of New Testament
Covenant Seminary